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Comfortable places to smoke a Habanos cigar
Habanos Lounge: Prime venues that offer a cigar smoking room where cigar aficionados can enjoy a Habanos cigar in sophisticated comfort. Located in select bars, restaurants and hotels throughout India, their humidor is stocked with premium cigars that will satisfy a wide range of requirements.
Habanos Terrace: Prime venues that offer outdoor smoking areas to enjoy a cigar in comfort. Located at select bars, restaurants and hotels throughout India, they have a wide variety of Habanos cigars.
La Casa del Habano: An exclusive place for the Habano. These spaces guarantee the absolute originality of its cigars, which are stored in special humidors, while blending the Cuban culture and luxury lifestyle in a space where the smoker can indulge in the world of Habanos.
Cigar Lounges: Spaces located in premium bars, restaurants and hotels that offer a cosy atmosphere for cigar lovers to select, light and enjoy a Habano cigar. They have a wide selection of Habanos to choose from that are stored in optimum temperature and humidity conditions.

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