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Romeo y Julieta Purito

A flavourful smoke with a balanced and aromatic blend is made from selected leaves of the Vuelta Abajo growing area. The taste of Romeo y Julieta is pure passion.

₹ 1,628

Vegueros Mañanitas

A powerful cigar with strong toasted tobacco flavour. The cigar’s rich earthy, spicy, somewhat subtle hay traits emerge directly.

₹ 3,619

Hoyo De Monterrey Epicure No. 2

The quintessential Cuban Cigar. This agreeable little cigar is a fine Robustos with dominant tobacco and wood flavours. Its floral bouquet opens on a completely unexpected, but pleasing and fresh note and leaves a slightly sweet aftertaste. This brand distinguishes itself through its roundness of aroma and taste.

₹ 7225

Partagas Club

A flavourful smoke with a earthy and spicy blend making it a perfect on the go smoke for seasoned smokers. The cigarillos is made from selected leaves of the Vuelta Abajo growing area.

₹ 1,799

Montecristo Mini

Montecristo cigars have an incomparable taste that exudes quality. They are famed for their smooth, elegant character. Their exquisite blend is made from leaves from Vuelta Abajo, the best tobacco-growing region in the world. The classic Cuban flavour of Montecristo cigars captivates experienced and new smokers alike.

₹ 1,799

Romeo y Julieta Club Kings

The Romeo y Julieta Club Kings are the most wonderful addition in the range of petit coronas. The cigar is light and nice and compliments the cold draw of earthy notes of hay, grass, cedar wood and cocoa nibs. Its got a little vanilla sweetness with a hint of dark chocolate. Like a warm blanket in the snow, it quickly becomes a source of comfort.

₹ 11,032


Cingari brought Habanos to India two decades ago and has since become synonymous with exceptional quality, exclusivity and luxury in India. It is our endeavour at Cingari to provide products that are the best the world can offer, from the flavours and aromas of the finest Habanos cigars, the elegance of handcrafted humidors and specially curated cigar accessories for the discerning connoisseurs. We have more than 200 different types of cigars to choose from, including the flagship brand Cohiba, stored in a controlled environment in our warehouse, to keep them at optimum conditions.


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Discover the flavours and aromas of the finest Habanos cigars, the art of handcrafted humidors and other high end cigar accessories, all brought to you by Cingari.
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