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Cingari brought Habanos to India two decades ago and has since become synonymous with exceptional quality, exclusivity and luxury in India. It is our endeavour at Cingari to provide products that are the best the world can offer, from the flavours and aromas of the finest Habanos cigars, the elegance of handcrafted humidors and specially curated cigar accessories for the discerning connoisseurs. We have more than 200 different types of cigars to choose from, including the flagship brand Cohiba, stored in a controlled environment in our warehouse, to keep them at optimum conditions.


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Find out the best places to buy and enjoy a premium cigar in India
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A space for the connoisseurs to immerse themselves in the best the world can offer
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H Upmann Magnum 54

A heavy ring gauge cigar with a light tobacco flavour and woody, bitter, toasted, and spicy notes. It leaves a sweet aftertaste that brings back memories of bitter almond, vague coffee, vanilla, caramel, and nutmeg.

₹ 20,348

Trinidad Reyes

With its tell tale classic pig tail, the Trinidad is famous for its great flavours. The Reyes carry tastes that are floral with a sweet hint of herbs and leather but keep you on your toes with their lovely pops of spicy notes.

₹ 19,668

Romeo y Julieta Mille Fleurs

The name Mille Fleurs refers to the great amount of floral nuances that the cigar offers throughout the smoke. The cigar has a predominant woody tobacco flavour, somewhat earthy, with spicy tips and a slightly sweetish undertone. It leaves us memories of dry earth, nutmeg, hay, nutmeg and vanilla. It’s ideal for those who are beginning to explore the world of Habanos.

₹ 9,120

Partagas Club

A flavourful smoke with a earthy and spicy blend making it a perfect on the go smoke for seasoned smokers. The cigarillos is made from selected leaves of the Vuelta Abajo growing area.

₹ 1,799

Montecristo Petit Edmundo

Montecristo Edmundo’s younger brother. This cigar has an intense tobacco taste, at first somewhat dry, bitter and spicy, but which quickly becomes woody, dry and sweet. Towards the end of the cigar the bitterness reappears, very well accompanied by an intense sweetness. A small cigar with perfectly balanced flavours!

₹ 45,882

Partagas Serie D No. 6

 A short yet powerful smoke. This Petit Robusto has an intense tobacco taste with woody and earthy hints. It has a sweet and spicy aroma with leather, cedar, humid earth, cinnamon, honey and white pepper character.

₹ 7,483


Discover the flavours and aromas of the finest Habanos cigars, the art of handcrafted humidors and other high end cigar accessories, all brought to you by Cingari.