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Cigar Dinners

Gather together to celebrate your love for cigars in style

Whether it is a casual evening with friends, cigars and Drinks or a bespoke cigar dinner, Cingari offers its expertise to curate the perfect cigar experience for you and your friends. From cigar pairings to special food menus to pair with cigars that will transform the evening into a shared celebration of the good life.
Cingari can either help you host the dinner at your residence or in premium outlets across the country. Based on your needs, we can offer to also help you select the right venue for the evening as well as assist in the food and beverage menu curation that will enhance the overall experience of your cigar evening.
Furthermore, our sister company CAARA, a 7-star catering business, has both a catering arm that can deliver the best meal for your cigar dinner at your doorstep, and a unique 18-seater space in Saket, New Delhi, where guests can enjoy a 5 course-meal.
Besides great conversations and company, Cigar dinners are primarily about combining the pleasures of wining and dining with fine cigars. The evenings usually starts with a light cigar paired with a single malt or champagne to open up the palate, followed by a carefully selected 5-course menu meal with fine wine wrapped up with a cognac and a cigar that would highlight the evening.
Get in touch with us to know how Cingari can help you create the best experiences of a truly good life!




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