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Cigar Etiquettes


By Sapna Kakkar

In today’s world, what with the agenda to make everything more convenient and easy and with the feral and wild hijinks one sees daily, it is an absolute pleasure to know that the one place where etiquette still remains strong is the Cigar Lounge. Some of the first cigar etiquettes were written by Zino Davidoff in 1967. Since then, many aficionados suggested what should be added in the To Do and definitely don’t do list. Some stuck and became a part of the tradition; the others were just a passing trend. Cingari brings to you the most important points one must keep in mind while smoking a cigar.

Selecting your Habanos The color of a cigar should be even and uniform and a perfect cigar should have an oily sheen on the leaf. Don’t worry if you notice a white spot or a green patch. These are natural blemishes that occurred long ago during the growing or curing season. They DO NOT affect the quality of the cigar. While selecting a cigar, press the cigar gently between your thumb and your index to test its condition. It should feel firm but springy to touch. Make sure not to press it too much, lest you damage the stick. Also, it is good sense to smell the aroma of the cigar, but it can be extremely distasteful for the next person if you put it a little too close to your nose. So focus on the foot of the cigar, keep the cigar at least half an inch away from your nose and draw a breath.

Preparing your Habanos When preparing your cigar, cut the cap with a genuine cigar cutter such as a double blade cutter or a cigar punch. The blade is the cigars best friend, and along with fire they sure do make a powerful team. Be sure to NOT use a pen knife or a box cutter and most definitely do not bite of the cap. It’s repugnant and will definitely unravel your beautiful cigar. To light a cigar, hold the cigar in your hand or put it between your lips without making it wet. Use an odorless match or butane lighter. Keep the flame as far as possible from the foot of the cigar while toasting it. The idea is to toast the cigar and char the tobacco equally and not burn it. The key is to be patient and to take your time. Once the cigar takes on a red glow, blow lightly on the foot of the cigar to make sure it is evenly lit.Like all good things, it may take time, but the end result is always worth it.

The art of Smoking Cigar smoking is supposed to be a relaxing experience. It should not be rushed. You must gently draw the cigar smoke into your mouth and allow it to play gloriously on your taste buds. Should your cigar need a re-light, feel free to do so, but be sure to first clean off any loose ash or you will find it hard to re-ignite.

Ashing Festival Del Habanos which is held in Havana every year hosts a competition where the cigar smokers compete amongst each other as to how long they can get the ash on their cigar, While its definitely a fun game, that’s all it really is- a game. The model smoker should only allow half of an inch of ash on their cigar. Once you get to that point, you must gently tap into the ashtray- Just the ashtray and not the floor.

Putting Out Your Habanos To put out your cigar, you must just leave it on the ashtray. It will burn itself out. Years and years were spent making that beauty you just smoked, out of respect; you must not stub it or snuff it. Aside from the fact that it is disrespectful, snuffing it also causes the cigar to release a sour odor and it leaves the cigar looking ugly- which we must under all circumstances never allow to happen. We therefore say let the cigar die with dignity.

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