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8 Tips To Properly Put Out A Cigar

Enjoying a cigar is a delight. But when you’ve spent an hour unwinding with some amazing Cuban cigars and it’s time to stop and get back to your daily responsibilities, how should you put out your cigar?

A cigar is snuffed by extinguishing the burning cherry at the end of the cigar. You will be surprised to know that Cuban cigars in India can be put out in a variety of ways, including by crushing them into an ashtray, immersing them in something liquid, using a device made specifically for the purpose, or simply allowing them to burn out by themselves.

Putting out a cigar might be dangerous since they are hot. The question of how to deal with a cigar that has only been partially smoked must also be taken into account. This post is for you if you’re interested in learning more about the correct and incorrect methods of disposing of a stogie. Keep these crucial pointers in mind for correctly putting off your cigars the next time you sit down to smoke a cigar.

1. Don’t stub out the cigars.

The largest temptation will probably be to snuff out the cigar like a cigarette in an ashtray when you reach the end of the cigar or decide to stop smoking. But extinguishing a cigar in this manner may be the worst thing you can do. The smell of a stubbed-out cigar will probably remain on your clothing and in the place where you smoked, so you should avoid smoking one.

2. Never throw cigars on the ground. 

Dangerous urban fires, such as the legendary Hartford Circus Fire that claimed the lives of more than 150 people, many of them children, were primarily caused by unattended cigars and cigarettes. Although you may believe the ground is a safe spot to put out your smoke, the breeze and other environmental elements make it impossible to predict when your butt will cause a fire.

3. Never put a lit cigar in the trash. 

We’ve all witnessed the small trash fires in pubs, clubs, and restaurants, which are quite absurd. Perhaps, since ashtrays are frequently placed on top of garbage cans, some smokers mistake garbage cans for ashtrays. Be very careful not to throw your butt in the trash and become one of the world’s worst cigar smokers.

Never throw a cigar in an area where you wouldn’t want to start a fire. Let’s just stay with this general rule of thumb instead of making a list of all the places you SHOULD NOT throw out your cigar. If you don’t want a raging fire in that spot, don’t light your cigar there.

4. Allow the cigar to burn out on its own.

When a cigar is lighted, the burning end can reach temperatures of 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit and reach 1,600 degrees during a regular draw. This is comparable to the heat of a wood fire. Allowing cigars to burn out on their own is very much like allowing campfires to burn themselves out, needing similar safety precautions.

Make sure you’ve placed your cigar in a safe place if you want it to burn out naturally. A large ashtray composed of a fire-safe substance is the ideal spot to put a cigar out, as long as it isn’t situated precariously close to something combustible or likely to tumble over and break. Allowing cigars to burn out has the added advantage of allowing you to store the leftover smoke.  

In fact, according to some smokers, this is the primary advantage of letting your cigars burn out naturally.

5. Do not forget to remove the band.

It’s crucial to remember to take off the band from the cigar before you set it down and discard it away from the ashtray. If you save your cigar bands, you can either carry them home with you or throw them in the trash. If the band is still on when the cigar begins to burn past it, it could smolder and catch fire. In addition to producing an unpleasant stench, this could also result in a fire risk because the burned paper will continue to burn in the ashtray.

6. Make absolutely sure the cigar is out

Verify that your cigar isn’t lying on an ashtray’s edge where it might slide off and land on a table or the ground. Always put your cigar in the ashtray’s middle. And before you depart the premises, make sure the cigar is out. It’s better to be cautious than sorry because a cigar might continue to burn for a couple of minutes after you put it down. 

Before you go, make sure the cigar butt has totally cooled. Also, when cleaning your ashtray after finishing a cigar, make sure all of the cigars are already out before disposing of the ashes and cigar butts.

7. You can submerge your cigar in the liquid.

As I mentioned earlier, it’s always preferable to be cautious than sorry when you’re in a rush. To quickly and completely put out a cigar’s flame, all you need to do is dip the burning end into a glass of water, run it under the faucet, or even flush it down the toilet. You will not be concerned about a line of firetrucks arriving later to put out the flames if you neatly put out your cigar.

8. Utilize gadgets for lighting cigars.

To correctly and securely conclude a smoking session, hobbyists can utilize various equipment that cigar gadget designers have developed over the years. The most commonly used of these items is the cigar snuffer. Some resemble tubes. Others are made of metal and resemble tripods from a science fiction film. You can buy cigar snuffers for a few dollars or several hundred dollars. These tools have no doubt stopped numerous cigar-related fire tragedies from happening, in addition to allowing you to salvage a partially smoked cigar.


These were some of the most important suggestions to keep in mind while you put off your cigars. When putting the cigars out, prioritize the safety of both you and those around you. You can accomplish this by using these suggestions. Don’t forget to glance through Cingari’s variety of cigars and cigar accessories if you’re searching for excellent Cuban cigars in India.

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