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Best Cigars in India for Beginners: A Guide to Starting Your Journey.

Taking your first steps into the world of cigars can be both exciting and daunting. With countless brands, shapes, and flavor profiles to choose from, navigating the diverse world of cigars can feel overwhelming. However, fear not, aspiring Indian cigar enthusiasts! This guide will equip you with the knowledge and recommendations needed to find the perfect beginner cigars that will ease you into this enjoyable hobby.

What Makes a Cigar Beginner-Friendly?

When seeking the “best cigars in India” for beginners, specific qualities should be prioritized.

  • Mild Strength: Opt for cigars labeled “mild” or “medium-mild” on the strength scale. These will provide a smoother and more enjoyable experience for newcomers, allowing them to appreciate the nuanced flavors without feeling overpowered.
  • Smaller Size: Start with shorter and thinner cigars, like Coronas or Petit Coronas. These provide a shorter smoking time, allowing you to learn the art of cigar smoking at a comfortable pace and without a significant time commitment.
  • Affordable Price: Experimentation is key when starting your cigar journey. As you discover your preferences, avoid heavily investing in premium cigars until you develop a more refined palate.
  • Well-Balanced Flavors: Look for cigars that offer a pleasant and easily understood taste profile. Notes of cream, subtle spice, and natural sweetness are often preferred by beginners as they offer a smooth and enjoyable introduction to the world of cigar flavors.

Exploring Your First Cigars: Top Recommendations

Now that you understand the characteristics of beginner-friendly cigars, let’s delve into specific recommendations to get you started. Remember, availability can vary depending on your location, so it’s always a good idea to check with local cigar merchants for their current selection.

  • Indian-Made Cigars: India boasts a rich cigar-making tradition with its own unique flavor profiles. These cigars often offer distinct spicy notes and are generally budget-friendly. Experiment with different brands like Trichinopoly or Charminar to discover your personal preferences.
  • Classic Brands: Renowned brands like Romeo y Julieta and Montecristo offer milder blends specifically catered to beginner palates. Explore their milder offerings like the Romeo y Julieta White or the Montecristo No. 4 to experience the quality and heritage of these iconic brands.
  • Beyond the Classics: Popular brands like Davidoff and Arturo Fuente often have beginner-friendly lines within their vast catalogs. Explore their offerings like the Davidoff Escurio or the Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story to discover hidden gems within these established names.

Beyond the Basics: Tips for Your First Smoke

Now that you have your first cigar, here are some additional tips to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience:

  • Find a Relaxed Setting: Choose a quiet and comfortable environment where you can fully relax and savor the experience without distractions or time constraints.
  • Master the Cut and Light: Proper cutting and lighting are crucial for an enjoyable smoke. Ask your cigar merchant to demonstrate these techniques, or research them online beforehand.
  • Embrace the Slow Pace: Unlike cigarettes, cigars are meant to be savored. Take small puffs and allow the smoke to linger on your palate to fully appreciate the flavor profile.
  • Experiment and Explore: As you get comfortable with smoking cigars, don’t be afraid to experiment with different brands and blends. This exploration will allow you to discover the “best cigars in India” that perfectly suit your evolving taste preferences.


Entering the world of cigars is an exciting journey filled with discovery. With the knowledge and recommendations provided in this guide, you can confidently embark on your exploration and find the perfect beginner-friendly cigars in India. Remember, the most important element is to relax, savor the experience, and enjoy the process of discovering your personal cigar preferences. As you experiment and explore, you’ll soon find yourself appreciating the nuanced flavors and unique character that the world of cigars has to offer.

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