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9 Cigar Lounge Etiquettes For Smoking Cigars Like a Gentleman

For many years, cigar enthusiasts have gathered in cigar lounges to unwind, chat, and bond over their mutual love of cigars. Various topics are discussed, including what they are smoking, drinking, playing, etc.

Anyone who wants to relax with like-minded people while smoking a quality cigar is welcome in a cigar lounge. Although everyone in the community is exceedingly friendly and tolerant, there are some rules for cigar lounge behavior that newbies should follow.

Therefore, we’ve put up a set of guidelines for smoking your favorite Cuban cigars in a cigar lounge.

Don’t smoke anything other than cigars.

The cigar lounge is the proper location to smoke a cigar. Although it may seem obvious, cigar lounges can frequently be crowded with vape and cigarette smokers looking for a comfortable spot to smoke and drink. If you want to be a legitimate member of the cigar lounge, be sure you are indeed smoking cigars. Try to stick to cigars alone, as it is disrespectful to simply stroll in and breathe vape clouds in the faces of those who pay lounge fees and spend a lot of money on fine cigars.

Never bring your own cigars to a cigar bar.

Brick-and-mortar shops are supported by the cigar community. Make sure to buy a cigar if you plan to go to a cigar lounge and use their smoking area. Remember that certain stores could charge a cutting fee to customers who want to smoke their own cigars. Even so, it is still advisable to purchase at least one cigar from the cigar lounge’s cigar store.

Dress properly

The preferred attire largely depends on the kind of lounge you intend to visit. While some lounges merely demand sneakers and a t-shirt, some premium member lounges require a jacket and tie. When visiting a lounge where the dress code is unknown, it is often advised to dress up instead of dressing down. Typically, the cigar lounge is appropriate for anything you would wear to dinner. Almost any place will accept a pair of pants, a jacket, and a shirt. If you are still uncertain, call and inquire. Just be aware that when you leave, anything you are wearing will probably smell like cigars.

Keep your smoke out of other people’s faces.

While you are smoking a cigar and enjoying yourself, you should never forget that there are other customers nearby. In a cigar bar, being surrounded by smoke might be expected, but constantly blowing smoke in someone else’s face is never appropriate. If the layout of the room makes it impossible to prevent cigar smoke from floating around, make an effort to steer the smoke away from other people.

Always cut and light a cigar correctly.

Always cut a cigar with a cigar clipper on the end cap that closes the cigar because a poor cut could harm it and make it burn unevenly. The straight cut, punch cut, and v-cut are the three most popular cuts. 

Lighting correctly is also crucial because doing so prevents problems like an uneven burn. Never light a cigar with a candle since the fragrance residue may damage it; only use a lighter, matches, or cedar spill. To light, the outer layers of tobacco that hold the cigar together, start by evenly rotating the cigar and toasting the foot. Keep the cigar above and close to the flame rather than placing it in the flame itself. Take the first puff while holding the cigar in your mouth to light the filler.

Last but not least, be sure to return someone else’s cutter or lighter as soon as possible if you have borrowed one.

Never inquire about trying somebody else’s cigar.

A cigar is a personal experience; once lit, it is the smoker’s to savor from start to finish. Never inquire about trying someone else’s cigar. Simply ask the person who is smoking the cigar to explain the flavor to you if you are inquisitive about their cigar or inquire about that specific cigar with a shop employee. You can purchase a cigar for yourself if it appeals to you.

Ask politely if you want to join a group

There can be a gathering of friends or a business meeting in the lounge. While many visitors enjoy making polite small talk with strangers and networking, others might not. If someone wants to get to know you, don’t be afraid to ask; just be polite and know when to leave them alone. You won’t know until you ask, so don’t be afraid to do it.

Don’t use an ashtray to smash your cigar

The proper way to end a cigar is to place it in the ashtray to burn it out on its own. It’s a rookie error to stab the cigar out in the ashtray; it will simply create a mess and make the cigar exude the offensive and overpowering odor of smashed-out tobacco.

Clean Up 

You must maintain a tidy space if you want to follow the right cigar lounge etiquette. Cigar enthusiasts are aware that cigar ash tends to get everywhere, but if your cigar lounge is properly provided with ashtrays, it is simple to be sure to put your cigars straight into one.

Numerous people have been observed leaving half-smoked cigars on benches or tables, in addition to ashing their cigars directly on the ground.

Remember to properly dispose of your cigars when you are done to show respect for the lounge, its staff, and other patrons.


The rules at a cigar lounge are often straightforward. Respect other people, as well as the lounge, and you will get respect in return. With that stated, check out Cingari’s blog if you are interested in learning more about Cuban cigars in India

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