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Your Comprehensive Guide To Cigar Storage

It won’t be long before you will have to consider cigar storage if you even have a slight interest in smoking and enjoying Cuban cigars. So you should know that without a humidification system, you won’t be able to maintain the precise humidity and temperature levels that cigars need to stay fresh during long-term storage. This useful device is known as a humidor, and is a must-have to store cigars for more than 2 weeks.

A humidor can be used to store a number of tobacco products, including cigarettes as well as pipe tobacco, even though it is most frequently used to keep cigars. Humidors have been utilized throughout history to store a wide variety of goods that need a specific amount of humidity. One well-known instance is the Colorado Rockies sports team, who preserved their baseballs in humidors to combat the region’s high altitude.

All humidors are created the same way and rely on the same principles, no matter what they are used for or how big they are. A humidor may seem strange when you first discover the world of cigar smoking. But maintaining the proper humidity for your cigars doesn’t have to be difficult if you have a good humidor on hand.

How do humidors work?

The cigars will become moldy if there is too much moisture. If they are too dry, they will break. Humidors function by providing the right environment for cigars. The following are the main components of a humidor :

Spanish Cedar

Spanish cedar is used as a lining for humidors. Due to its ability to slowly absorb and release moisture, this wood is most frequently used to maintain an even humidity level. This is another reason why cedar wood is commonly used to make humidor cigar trays. The wood will attempt to reach equilibrium by absorbing moisture if there is even a little moisture present outside. In order to prevent the cedar from beginning to draw dampness from the cigars directly, you must condition your humidor by hydrating the cedar before storing your cigars. Otherwise, the humidor’s intended purpose would be defeated.


The humidifier keeps the dampness and humidity in check. A humidifier keeps producing moisture for the interior of the box after a humidor has been seasoned and filled with cigars. This allows the cigars to maintain the proper temperature and the cedar to store any extra moisture and give it back if the humidifier becomes low on moisture. There are several different types of humidifiers available, ranging from simple blocks made of florist foam that absorb water to more intricate pouches, beads, or gel-based humidifiers. Regardless of the version you like, be sure to follow the directions regarding when to replenish them with additional pure water or other moisturizing ingredients. These humidifiers have a limited lifespan, so do not forget to change them when needed.


Another essential element of your humidor is a hygrometer. It gauges the interior humidity levels to inform you whether more moisture needs to be added or extra water needs to be absorbed to dry anything out. Hygrometers come in digital or analog forms. It will be attached to the humidifier with electrical humidity controls. To ensure everything is in order in your humidor, it is essential that you check your hygrometer frequently, ideally once per week or two.


In order to maintain their peak condition, cigars must also be stored at a constant temperature. In most cases, this should be at 70 degrees Fahrenheit, though you can store your new cigars at temperatures as low as 60 or as high as 72. A basic thermometer can nonetheless give you useful information about the environment inside humidors without thermostats. Your thermostat will fully control any heaters or coolers in your humidor that let you regulate the temperature inside for your convenience. Maintaining consistent temperatures also aids in maintaining constant humidity, making it easier to store cigars.

How to pick a humidor?

Choosing a humidor that is best for you depends on a number of variables, such as your budget, how frequently you consume cigars, the number of cigars you have on hand, and the availability of space in your home for a humidor. Not everybody needs that much space for their cigars, nor does everyone have that much space available.

Consider your needs carefully before purchasing the humidor that catches your eye. Asking yourself these questions will help. How frequently do you like to smoke cigars? How many cigars will you be storing at a time? If you only smoke cigars sometimes, you’ll probably be good with a tiny desktop box humidor. A larger option is probably better if you’re a more serious connoisseur and intend to always have plenty of cigars on hand.

Premium boxes and desktop humidors commonly have a drawer for humidor accessories. You now have a non-climate-controlled location to keep your travel bag, butane torch lighter, and other items. In general, more expensive humidors will work better at maintaining a certain level of humidity for a longer period of time. Even the inexpensive options can suffice sometimes.

Tips for using humidors

Do not use tap water since it includes chlorine and other minerals that might clog the pores of the humidifier and prevent it from working.

To stop mold from growing, keep the humidor in a dry and cool location. Keep your cigars out of direct sunlight. Cigars may grow a potentially harmful fungus or mold if the humidity and the temperature get too high. 

A worm infestation known as Lacioderma is another risk associated with cigars stored in an overly warm or humid environment. The worms deposit their eggs inside cigars, burrow through the wrapper to create tiny holes, and eventually change into tiny, brown insects. Remove and discard the afflicted cigars right away if you find worm holes in them. After that, carefully check all of the smoke in your humidor.

Wrapping Up!

Now that you know the importance of humidors, how they work, how to pick a good one, and some tips for using them, you will be storing your cigars like a pro. It’s time you started building or enhancing your cigar collection. Head over to Cinagri’s catalog of premium cigars. We have the best collection of cigars in India from all the world-renowned brands. 

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