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A Beginner’s Guide to Cigar Accessories

Cuban cigars provide an exclusive smoking experience and the height of luxury and appreciation for the better things in life. It’s a pleasure that we believe every gentleman needs to look into and discover.

Gentlemen have always appreciated the rich flavor of Cuban cigars in India, which is unmatched by any other smokable. Cigars add a touch of class and elegance to the occasion and are an extravagance that can be savored for a good 45 minutes instead of just ten. And you need some accessories if you want to get the most out of a cigar in terms of enjoyment and potential. With the help of some accessories, the experience can be significantly improved. Let’s look at a few of the necessary items that every cigar smoker needs:

1. Lighter

A match would work just fine to start a cigarette, but a cigar lighter is required to light a cigar properly. You need a long-lasting lighter, not the kind you can just purchase from the counter at a petrol station.

It is preferable if your lighter has an adjustable flame, since while lighting a cigar, the objective is to ensure that the whole foot is ablaze while avoiding touching your cigar directly with the fire.

You have a few choices. A torch lighter is definitely the best option, especially if you’re just starting off. Also, there are butane lighters, which provide a strong, controllable flame, but if you choose that path, you must ensure that the liquid is filtered and odorless, because doing otherwise could influence the cigar’s flavor.

2. Cigar Cutter

Cutting off the cigar’s cap is one of the initial things you need to do before starting to smoke it. The simplest method for accomplishing this is to utilize a cutter made especially for cigars. We strongly advise not using a knife or pair of scissors since they cannot deliver a precise, sharp edge like a cigar cutter that has been specifically made, and the wrapper may start to unravel, ruining the entire cigarette. To assure that your smoke is burned evenly and pulls smoothly, use a cutter to make a clean cut. 

The following cigar cutters are the best option for people who want to smoke when they are out and about because they are typically pocket-sized and portable.

Guillotine Cutter

This sort of cigar cutter also referred to as the vertical cutter, is the most popular one. It simply offers a straight, clean cut, is portable, and is secure enough to be kept in a pocket. They can also be found with two blades, which provides an even greater cut. It is preferable to use guillotine cutters with smaller or standard ring gauge cigars since really large cigars might not fit because they typically involve inserting the cigar through some kind of hole and then chopping off the cap.


While the V-cutter resembles a straight or guillotine cutter in appearance, it cuts a little wedge or v-shape off the cigar’s tip rather than the entire cap. Given that the cigar does not have to fit into a space and will still produce a good draw without losing a significant amount of tobacco, this cutter is very helpful for thicker-gauge cigars!

Punch cutter

This style of cutter drills a small opening into the foot of the cigar to enable air to flow through rather than chopping or slashing the foot of the cap. Although using just a v-cutter or guillotine will usually result in a smoother draw, some smokers choose this style of cutter since it lessens the proportion of tobacco that comes into contact with your mouth directly. There are three distinct types of punch cutters: Havana, Bullet, and Multi-Punch, based on the size and form of your cigar.

3. Ashtray

You must have an ashtray nearby when you fire up your stogie wherever you decide to smoke. The ashtray serves as a terrific tool for catching any ash that may fall while keeping your home, clothes, and furnishings clean, as well as a place for your cigar to rest while you take a break from smoking. 

Cigars do not need to be continuously puffed on; instead, they benefit significantly from a little rest period following each draw. Setting one’s cigar on an ashtray will allow it to cool down and keep an even burn. Any ashtray will work, but a particular cigar ashtray will work best because it has a built-in rest for you to place your cigar on.

4. Humidor

A humidor is another cigar accessory that is a must-have, especially if you want to build a cigar collection and want to store them. Humidors are the perfect accessory to store cigars. You can store as many as you want because they come in all sizes. There are even walk-in humidors available in the market. In fact, they may be the only way to guarantee that your cigars remain as fresh as possible for the longest time. 

A cigar may be kept in storage for a number of years without becoming dangerous for a while, but it will ultimately lose its potency and may even start to grow mold. This can be avoided by using a humidor, which regulates the temperature and humidity of the cigars throughout. The humidors are coated with specific natural oils and scents and are typically constructed of cedar wood. 

The humidor will also need a little maintenance every now and then. Before adding new cigars, it needs to be cleaned, and you should frequently check the interior humidification system to ensure it is functioning properly.


These were some of the must-have cigar accessories that every cigar enthusiast needs. Visit Cingari’s website to find all these accessories at affordable prices all in one place. We have a wide range of cigars as well as cigar accessories to choose from. You can find all the sizes and varieties as per your requirements. 

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