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Moods, Food & Cigars

Moods,Food & cigars

By Sapna Kakkar

A few weeks ago, I was having the worst possible day that you can imagine. You know when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, your coffee going cold before the first sip, walking into a wet bathroom with your socks on kind of bad day. I was Murphy himself. However, I always choose to look at things positively and I took the day by its ear and decided to make it mine. Things started to turn around and then came lunch. I ordered my usual – A chicken salad with Balsamic dressing. Now, usually I love the salad – wipe it clean with the Salad roll that it comes with, but today – it was just off putting – It was dry and cold and the chicken felt raw and the lettuce wilted. The thing is – It was actually none of that, like always, it was a great salad that I would have otherwise devoured in less than a minute. The problem that day was my mood – my attitude.

I was in need of comforting, some attention something that would make me forget all of the world’s problems, perhaps and most likely a huge bowl of Spaghetti with some meatballs garnished with a healthy shaving of aged parmesan.

It was in that moment that I realized that as an avid cigar aficionado and equal food enthusiasts how similar both the products are.

When I choose a cigar for the evening, I always choose it based on how I’m feeling, how much time I have, what I plan to have for dinner and sometimes, I’m embarrassed to admit, when I’m feeling vain even my outfit. For example, on a day where I have had a great day at work, closed a few meetings, made some serious sales I look forward to congratulating myself. I only deem a Romeo Y Julieta Churchill worthy for such a time. One hour and thirty minutes of pure bliss with Orlando Jazz and a Paper Back. This is a time, an experience and a luxury that I have rewarded to myself for a job well done.

Last Saturday, my girlfriends and I decided on a night out in town. Dressed to the nines, we opened a bottle (or two) of Sauvignon Blanc for a  pre – drinking session and amongst the Juul’s and Sheeshas and goold old fashioned cigarettes, my aged Montecristo No. 5 made its own place – With every draw that I took, it excited me, even empowered  – readying me to take over the night!

You see, No two people are the same and similarly no two moments are the same. My comfort food may be what makes you sick, but what I do know and what is universal is that one must learn to understand what their own body, mind and soul requires. A little TLC goes a very long way and don’t let anyone tell you that comfort is restricted. It can be found anywhere, from Yoga to cuddles with your dog to a luxurious seven course meal or even street food. It can be found in the first sip of a barrel aged Single Malt or the first draw of a new never tried before Habanos.

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