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Top Tips for Smoking Cigars During Harsh Winters.

Nothing will keep you warmer while it’s chilly outside than a delicious cigar. Smoking inside, however, is sadly not a choice for many of us. So what do we do when it gets chilly outside? Well, you don’t have to quit smoking your favorite Cuban cigars altogether during winters; all you need to do is be a little inventive. 

So, to help you continue engaging in your favorite pastime over the lengthy winter, we have put together a few suggestions. Read on to find out.

Try to smoke them indoors.

Even though smoking cigars outside can put your fingers at risk of frostbite, it may be challenging to gain permission to smoke within the house if your spouse isn’t a cigar enthusiast. 

However, there are ways you can smoke them indoors without causing the cigar smoke to linger in your home or leave stains on your furnishings and carpet. You could smoke in your home every day without leaving a trace if you had the right ventilation system in place. 

A tiny exhaust fan on the ceiling or a window fan can do wonders. Purchasing a smoke eater is another option. These air purifiers are utilized in a variety of settings, including restaurants and garages, to help clear the air of odors and smoke.

Wear warm attire.

If staying home is simply not an option, warm clothes are an important thing to consider. Make sure your fingers stay warm while holding your cigar by dressing in layers. It works well to wear fingerless gloves with mitten flaps. You might also spend money on heated electric gloves. They aren’t too heavy to navigate around your cigar because they are essentially liners.

You can ward off the chill with hats, coats, boots, gloves, and pants lined with fleece or flannel. Some cigar smokers have also made a financial commitment to heated vest liners. They are designed for bikers who travel at high speeds in subzero temperatures, so they should keep you warm while you smoke your perfecto outdoors.

Set up a smoking area and maintain proper heating

There are many strategies for handling brief periods of chilly weather. Many guys set up a dedicated area for smoking in their basements, for example. Alternatively, you can think about purchasing a strong, heavy-duty canopy to set up an outdoor smoking location in the backyard. Depending on the size, they cost a few hundred to several hundred bucks. Some can accommodate larger groups and are built to resist dangerous gusts. Or can also open up some garden furniture and turn on a portable heater. Your friends will be overjoyed to learn that you invested in a “popup shelter.” We even know a few loyal clients who bought a second automobile just to use it as a smoking lounge during the winter.

Once your outdoor location is all set, you must think about maintaining a warm temperature to ensure comfort while smoking. A portable heater is your best option. Many manufacturers provide models of heaters that use propane, electricity, or natural gas. Your needs can be met by more dramatic alternatives or smaller tabletop designs. 

Some outdoor heaters, like those you see outside a restaurant or café, are 7 to 8 feet tall. British Thermal Units (BTUs), a measurement for how much room you can effectively heat, are used to rate heaters. Many tabletop types can provide 3,000 to 10,000 BTUs, or roughly enough heat for four people. Even without a garage, an outdoor heater might be a practical alternative.

Pick the appropriate cigar.

If you go outside in the cold, you’ll probably notice more of your own breath than cigar smoke. Here, choosing a shorter cigar might be advantageous, especially if you choose one that has a strong flavor, like the Bolivar Petit Corona, so you won’t be sacrificing flavor but simply time. As an alternative, you might also substitute the cigarillo for your larger cigars.

Fire Up Effortlessly

Quite often, the challenge of lighting cigars indoors is plenty. And in the winter, it might be even more difficult to light the cigars because of the wind, rain, and possibly snow. For instance, butane lighters have a hard time with the cooler temperatures that winter brings because they operate best in the warmth. 

Unless you have a high-performance torch in your hand, lighting a match outside in cold winds may not be possible, regardless of how much practice you’ve had with them. So purchase a sturdy, windproof torch lighter for lighting your cigars in winter.

To guarantee that your lighter stays warm, keep it close by and tucked inside a jacket pocket. Zippo-style lighters are among the best cigar lighter solutions for chilly climates. However, it’s crucial to make sure you pick one that won’t blow out every few seconds as it will be really annoying! Use a lighter with two or three flames to counteract this; they will hold up to the wind a little bit better.


The ability to sit indoors with the heater turned up full-blast is the finest part of chilly weather. Although it’s wonderful to feel warm and comfy by the fire, the heating in your home might dry out cigars and humidors. Ensure that your heaters are not nearby where you keep your cigars in humidors and check your humidification systems more frequently than usual.

Final Thoughts

Smoking cigars in winter is truly a tough job. But I hope this article has given you some tips on how to do it comfortably during the winter. Finding premium cigars and accessories for cigars can be very difficult. Cingari is your one-stop solution for a wide range of cigar brands and accessories that you can easily buy online. Check out our website to get your hands on top-quality Cuban cigars in India as well as some elegant cigar accessories today.

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