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What makes Cuban cigars so special?

There are a few things in the world that are deemed the best – French Wines, Swiss watches, German cars, Indian spices and just like that an easy fit in this list are Cuban Cigars.

This is not a recent development. It’s something that has existed from many many years, centuries actually. We know that Cuba was discovered in 1942 by Christopher Columbus and by then the natives had already been smoking tobacco for many years. Incidentally, they used to call the Tobacco leaves “Coiba” which led to the name of the flagship brand of Habanos – COHIBA

By the 1600’s Cuba was famous for the unmatched quality of tobacco it provided which primarily has to do with geography, climate and skill and years of research. Researchers say that Cuba has the perfect environment for growing cigar tobacco.

The soil allows to produce high quality leaves especially the leaves used for wrappers almost always grow in perfect form. The tobacco plants take flavour from the soil which in itself has such a varied taste from one farm in Vuelta Abajo to another.

The humidity in the air helps retain moisture during cultivation and growth of the tobacco leaf but also is ideal for when the tobacco leaves are being cured and aged.

During one of our many visits to the tobacco plantation, I am embarrassed to admit that my petit 5 ft 3 inch self frequently had to be escorted out of the plantations because I couldn’t see beyond the huge green towers that were the tobacco leaves. The skills that the farmers use during cultivation and harvest allow the leaves to grow rather large and perfect for rolling a Habanos.

Lastly, there is constant research conducted by the government of Cuba that not only innovates but also helps be a key factor in quality control.

These technical aspects aside, if we were to tell you in multiple blind tastings conducted by cigar aficionados, sommeliers, even professionals, Cuban cigars were routinely picked over non Cubans which signifies that there is just a little extra oomph that comes with Cubans as a unique Cuban experience” that remains just unmatched.

If you are just coming into the world of cigars, Cubans are always a great start and for those who are already a part of this world, know that Cubans remain unmatched. Taste and flavour is subjective but the facts remain strong that Cubans are indeed the best cigars in the world.

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