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Why are Cohibas so expensive

Anyone who knows about cigars would know Cohibas; in fact one would be hard pressed to find anyone at all who has not heard about Cohibas.

In June 2022, Habanos increased the prices across the portfolio with Cohiba and Trinidad taking the biggest jump. Leading to the thought if the Cohibas are even worth it, being that they are so expensive. Why are they so expensive in the first place?

Cohibas position in the Global market lies in the luxury segment next to the likes of the Rolls Royce’s’ and the Louis Vuittons. Habanos Decided to hike the prices keeping in mind Cohibas global position along with the fact that there is a severe imbalance between supply and demand with an almost “unstoppable demand” for Cohiba.
But lets go back just a little further than this – 1966, The year that Cohiba were founded by President Fidel Castro for President Fidel Castro. The only way that one could get their hands on them were if the president gifted you one. To have a brand ambassador like Fidel, there was always an allure of opulence and grandeur around the Cohibas and that theory was confirmed when the Cohibas were offered to the general public in 1989, again in very very limited quantities.

Besides that, Cohiba cigars are made from the finest tobacco available in Cuba. Specifically, the tobacco is selected from the San Luis and San Juan y Martinez zones in the Vuelta Abajo region. That’s in the extreme western part of the island. The aroma and smoother flavour with Cohibas compared to other cigars comes down to a unique third fermentation process in wooden barrels at the El Laguito factory. Cohibas are the only Habanos that are fermented in Barrels and are rolled only by the top torcedoras ( cigar rollers ) in the Ell Laguito Family.

Are Cohibas worth it? To those who have smoked them and to those who want to, they most definitely are. There is a reason they’re so in demand and best to try one yourself and find out why

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