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Are Cuban cigars worth their price?

Cuban cigars are among the most expensive in the entire world of cigars. One may be pardoned for thinking that Cuban cigars are overly expensive when comparing their price to that of other tobacco products such as cigarettes, rolling tobacco, and pipe tobacco. But have you ever questioned why Cuban cigars are so insanely expensive?

We think that the prestige of Cuban cigars is reflected in their price. Despite the fact that buying them can be challenging and expensive, Cuban cigars provide a unique window into the history of cigars.

You can’t compare the chopped tobacco that you buy for pipes because it isn’t even close to the same quality. Additionally, the majority of cigars, particularly the premium varieties, are almost entirely produced by hand. There aren’t many hand-rolled Cuban cigars available, and doing so naturally does have a cost.

Let’s find out what makes Cuban cigars unique and if they are worth the money.

1. They enjoy widespread fame.

Cuban cigars are well known worldwide. They are regarded as the greatest cigars ever produced. Truth be told, tobacco has been cultivated in Cuba for centuries, and manufacturers have been making cigars there since King Phillip II of Spain (the 15th century).

Cuba’s cigar business is currently subject to direct government oversight. The purpose of this governmental oversight is to verify that every cigar that leaves the production facility is well-made, precisely rolled, and free of defects or inconsistencies.

2. Excellent quality

Since each Cuban cigar is produced with the utmost care and high-quality materials, they stand out from the competition. In fact, it has been calculated that over a hundred steps are needed to correctly prepare just one Cuban cigar. The industry adheres to a meticulous cigar-making process that hasn’t evolved much in the last century. These cigars differ from cigars produced in other nations because of the dedicated care and attention they receive.

3. The flavor of Cuban tobacco is unique.

Since cigar tobacco is the sole ingredient in hand-made, quality cigars, the location where the tobacco is grown affects the flavor of a cigar. Cuba is the largest Caribbean island, but only tobacco cultivated in the island’s extreme west is suitable for cigars. The microclimate in that specific area has an impact on the tobacco growing there, which also absorbs the flavors of the soil. The same seeds can be used elsewhere for cultivation. While there will be a resemblance, only Cuban tobacco has the distinct flavor of Cuban tobacco.

4. Great strength and complexity.

One of the reasons Cuban cigars are so loved is their strength and complex flavors. For the majority of cigar enthusiasts, a Cuban stogie is the pinnacle of the cigar experience. They provide the smoker with superb peppery, woody, earthy, and spicy tones and are renowned for their flavor and intensity. The cigar will always have a nice strength, and occasionally you may also detect herbal overtones. The dominant cigar in blind tastings is typically a Cuban cigar. So definitely, strength and complexity are two major characteristics of Cuban cigars, making them stand out.

5. Purity of tobacco

The fact that only Cuban tobacco is used in producing these cigars distinguishes them from other cigars consumed worldwide. Almost all other cigars are produced from a blend of multiple varieties of tobacco, which many smokers are unaware of. But it is not a terrible thing in and of itself, and many smokers find the mixture of different tobaccos to be rather pleasant. However, a dedicated smoker understands that only Cuban cigars produce the strongest and most genuine smoke.

It should be mentioned that puffing on one of these cigars is not something you should do casually. Cuban cigars have a potent scent and flavor; in fact, many novice smokers dislike them largely due to this.

6. Ligero leaves are used to make Cuban cigars.

In essence, everything about the best cigars is in the ligero, or uppermost leaves of the tobacco plant. The Medio Tiempo leaves, to be more precise, are smaller leaves that emerge later in the plant. Since many producers don’t wait to harvest unless these Medio Tiempo leaves are formed, they are more in demand, more expensive, and more difficult to obtain. The Behike line of Cohiba cigars uses medium Tiempo leaves.

7. Experienced and skilled manufacturers

The customs and expertise of Cuba’s cigar manufacturers are also a reason why Cuban cigars are so excellent and why their reputation has not declined over time. Experienced tobacco cultivators and cigar rollers are essential since tobacco is a sensitive crop that needs a lot of care and attention. An acute eye and a thorough understanding of the tobacco plant are necessary for cultivating the ideal mixtures for premium cigars. Cuba has evolved and maintained its customs during the years it has been growing tobacco.

Where can you buy real Cuban cigars in India?

Cuban cigars are available for purchase outside of the island nation as well, including India, Canada, Mexico, and other countries. You can also order cigars online in India. But it’s crucial to watch out for replicas. Unfortunately, a lot of people, and even entire businesses, dedicate their lives to producing inferior counterfeit cigars. When a person smokes a fake Cuban cigar, it becomes obvious that it is not a real one. However, it is tough to tell whether or not such cigars are fake merely by looking at them.

The distinctive aroma of authentic Cuban cigars can only be produced by high-quality tobacco that’s been correctly picked, processed, chopped, and wrapped.

It is advisable to purchase Cuban cigars in Delhi from reliable vendors like Cingari rather than from the illicit market. Before buying a box of cigars, focus on making sure the vendor is trustworthy and carefully inspect the box. The cigar package is probably not authentic if there are flaws.


Whether you want to spend money on Cuban cigars depends on your financial situation and whether you like the cigars. Buying Cuban cigars in India doesn’t make complete sense for people who don’t like strong cigars or have a limited budget. However, you should definitely partake in this distinctive and rich experience if you have a liking for the strong flavors, the cash to spend on a few sticks, and the desire to sample rare Cuban cigars

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