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Everything A Beginner Needs To Know About Cigar Smoking

With a cigar in hand, you can relax, conduct business, and celebrate significant events in your life. There’s a long list of well-known and respected people in the world who use cigars on all these occasions to add an element of luxury to them. And by choosing to take up the habit, you will be joining this list. However, to really enjoy a complex and multifaceted activity like cigar smoking, one needs a wealth of information, insight, and understanding.

So, we’re here to help. Some key considerations for purchasing and smoking Cuban cigars are covered in this article. Although it won’t cover all the bases, it should help you succeed in your first cigar purchase and smoking experience.

Let’s dive in!

1.Start with a mild cigar.

Cigars come in various strengths, but starting with a powerful cigar could ruin your first cigar experience. To experience the rich flavor profile that cigars can offer, you should start with a mild cigar. You can always try full-bodied or flavored cigars later, but beginning with milder cigars will ease you into cigar smoking and guarantee that you are not put off right away.

2. Never smoke before eating.

Smoking a cigar can significantly lower the blood sugar levels in your body. So, make sure you eat something beforehand if you plan to smoke a large cigar (or two). You’ll be astonished at how much better the cigar tastes when you’re not dizzy!

Additionally, if smoking a cigar makes you feel nauseated, try eating some sweets or a spoonful of sugar from a sugar sachet. Your nausea will subside when sugar balances the effects of nicotine in your body.

Also, avoid breathing in cigar smoke! When puffing on a cigar, draw the smoke into your palate slowly. Avoid allowing it to enter your diaphragm by expelling it from the mouth and nasal cavity.

3. Select the correct size.

Many people prefer small-format cigars when trying a new cigar brand for the first time. Although most top brands create little cigars and cigarillos, you won’t get the same taste, scent, or enjoyment that a classic-format cigar can provide. Shorter and thinner cigars also burn faster and immediately intensify on your palate.

Traditional forms like a Toro, Robusto, or Corona take longer to smoke and intensify gradually. A cigar will burn more slowly and with less heat if its ring gauge has a little bit more thickness. Before switching to a ten-minute cigar, take your time and try a conventional form.

4. Buy only a few at a time.

You won’t know what you enjoy when you first start smoking cigars, and your choices will change quickly. It is, therefore, wise to only purchase a handful at a time. You’ll be able to try a wide variety of cigars, and perhaps more importantly, you won’t be forced to smoke cigars you have bought but don’t like.

5. Don’t spend excessively.

You generally get what you pay for when purchasing cigars. However, there’s no need to blow a fortune as a beginner. Start with reasonably priced cigars and reward yourself with that expensive smoke after your palate has developed.

6. Make Your Palette Clean

If you want to clear your palate between cigars when you are smoking more than one, keep some chocolate on hand. Your mouth naturally dries out when you smoke a cigar. So, remember to hydrate your palate by drinking some water or a cocktail.

7. Pair your cigar with the right drink.

While everyone may eventually learn to have their own preferred cigar pairings, for beginners, the best cigar smoking experience is to start with a beverage that improves the flavor of your cigar. It takes skills to match cocktails and cigars. If done improperly, your drink may reduce the aroma and flavor of your cigar. We suggest you pair your cigars with coffee, water, scotch, whisky, or tea. 

8. Smoke the cigar slowly.

Some people who are beginning to smoke cigars could find it boring. Newbie cigar smokers, therefore, tend to puff on the cigar far too frequently because of this boredom. It is wrong since over-smoking the cigars heat them up. 

The natural flavor of the cigar gets destroyed by heating it. Furthermore, you feel a burnt taste on the tongue, which is a supplementary and unwanted consequence of heating the cigar and is experienced by many novice cigar smokers who take too many puffs.

9. Online vs. In-Store Cigar Purchases

What is the best place to purchase cigars—the neighborhood tobacco shop or the internet? This is one of the most important questions new cigar enthusiasts have. 

Due to today’s dynamic digital environment, where buying cigars online is simple and easy, many people frequently prefer the latter. All you have to do is find a top-notch cigar website, pick what you want, make an online payment, and wait for the package to arrive. You’re certainly better off purchasing packs, boxes, and even cartons of cigars online because doing so is more economical than purchasing them from a physical retailer. You can also search for discounts and other offers as well! 

Cingari is one such top-notch website where you can buy cigars online in India very easily. We have a range of premium cigars to choose from and a cigar for every budget. Check out our collection here and buy some cigars today.

Wrapping up!

These were some of the most crucial pointers that we wanted you to be aware of to prevent any unfavorable cigar-smoking experiences and get your adventure off to a positive start. Welcome to the beautiful world of cigars in Delhi from everyone at Cingari! 

There’s a great chance smoking your favorite cigar, whether occasionally or on a regular basis, will develop into more than a pastime; rather, it will become a stimulating and enjoyable experience that exquisitely enhances life’s best and most splendid moments, from taking in magical perspectives to unwinding in beautiful settings, and everything else in between.

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