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Cigar #101: How To Properly Cut And Light A Cigar?

One of life’s finer things is undoubtedly a decent cigar, but smoking one isn’t instinctual. The process is an art, and even a tiny mistake can alter how the cigar burns and tastes. When smoked properly, a cigar may slow down time, strengthen relationships, and take your mind away from the chaos of everyday life.

Compared to cigarettes, a cigar requires more preparation before you can start puffing. Almost every quality cigar has a sealed head that needs to be cut in order to start smoking it. Additionally, it would be wise to select an appropriate source of flame to properly light your cigar.

Good cigars are too frequently damaged by human mistakes. Too often, a cigar’s improper preparation prevents you from enjoying all of its delights. Learn everything that might have an impact on the tobacco and the smoking sensation if you would like to give your cigar the best opportunity to shine at its best.

There are various ways of cutting a cigar, but the ideal method depends on the smoker. However, there is only one reliable method for lighting a cigar. Let’s find out.

Cutting the cigar

An uneven cut has the potential to completely ruin your cigar. For the novice, cutting a cigar can seem like a very difficult task. It won’t be as intimidating, though, if you choose the perfect cutter and figure out how to cut a cigar properly.

Different types of cutters

The following are the different types of cigar cutters

  • Single-Blade Guillotine 
  • Double Blade Guillotine 
  • Cigar Punch 
  • Cigar Scissors 
  • Cigar Piercer 
  • V-Cut

Don’t get confused by the variety of cutters available. Any of them will do, but the most critical aspect is that they are razor sharp. You want to remove the end with a smooth cut without compressing or tearing the tobacco.

How to Cut It

A cigar is made up of a head and a base—the head is the part you have to cut and put in your mouth, and the foot is the part you will light. Most cigars have an identification band at the head to help you find out which side to cut.

The cap on your cigar indicates that the roller put tobacco from the wrapper leaf there precisely to keep the wrapper together when you cut it. Your cigar will probably have a triple cap as per Cuban custom.

Now, the goal should be to cut the cigar only to remove the minimum amount of the cap required for smoking, not the entire cap. Cutting too deeply could cause your cigar to unravel as you’ve taken away the natural glue that holds it together.

Aim for two millimeters or less; any more, and the cigar will lose its structural integrity and begin to unravel as you smoke it. Beginners should try a V-cut since it has a frame that prevents you from cutting too deeply.

Lighting the cigar

A cigar is perfectly lit when the wrapper, binder, and filler are all evenly lit. The flavors are expertly combined and enjoyed, precisely as the cigar manufacturer intended. Perfect cigar lighting eliminates the need to struggle with an uneven burn. Let’s walk you through how to light a cigar properly.

  • Hold the cigar above yet close to the flames of the lighter to light. It is quite similar to how you roast a marshmallow on a campfire. Put the cigar in a position where it is almost touching the flames. Remember, the cigar will become unusable if you light it directly from the flame. However, if you unintentionally let the flame reach the cigar, don’t panic. The cigar won’t be ruined. Move the smoke away from the flame calmly but quickly.
  • The cigar must also be turned under the flame of the lighter for all of its components to heat up uniformly, just like a marshmallow is rotated equally over the fire. You’ll need to wait until the edges are blackened and a luminous ring develops around the cigar’s tip.
  • Raise the unlit end of the cigar and take the first drag. The ember should burn evenly while sucking in the smoke. If not, roast the cigar a little more. The absence of embers is a sign that the cigar isn’t properly lit.

Choose your lighter

Never use a flame to light a cigar; it can change the flavor and aroma of the tobacco. For instance, using a candle is a beautifully dramatic gesture, but the flavor of your cigar may be altered by the burning of candle wax. The liquid from a butane lighter can also do this. The sulfur included in most match tips is also disliked by many smokers.

If you must use a candle or liquid lighter, ignite a spill—a strip of cedar—with it first, and then light the cigar with it. If you must have matches, try to find some that are exceptionally long, wooden, and sulfur-free. If you can’t find the long ones, use several of the standard short matches.

Before lighting, make sure to let the sulfur burn off. You might also want to try lighting two at once for a wider flame.

The simplest technique to create an even light is with a cigar lighter.

What attributes distinguish a cigar lighter? 

A cigar lighter typically features a “fatter” flame, or possibly two neighboring flame sources with changeable flame heights, and runs on odorless gas.

It will be simple to choose a cigar lighter that is a suitable addition to your style because they are available in a broad variety of forms and materials.


You’ve successfully finished reading our instructions on how to light and smoke a cigar. Now, drink your preferred beverage, smoke your Cuban cigars, and savor the moment. Remember that you did everything correctly in cutting and lighting, and things will only get better from here.

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