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Building a cigar collection? Here’s why you would need a humidor

Fine wine and cigars share many similarities: both are natural products with unique qualities that require careful storage to maintain their delicate flavors and aromas.

If you have made the decision to smoke cigars more frequently, consider purchasing a humidor to preserve your collection. Without a proper cigar storing humidor, cigars can dry out, which can lead to cracks and peeling of the wrapper, flavor loss, and faster burning.

Humidors are essential because tobacco-growing nations like Cuba have much higher humidity levels than other nations. A humidor is required to keep cigars healthy and at the ideal moisture levels for optimal smoking.

Let’s discuss why you should not overlook buying a humidor to store your Cuban cigars in India.

Humidors are a great complement to your cigars.

Humidors not only preserve your cigars in top condition, but they also offer a chic and classy means of storing them. Additionally, they can be a great help in aging the taste of cigars. Many cigar fans think that the best time to smoke a cigar is after it has been aged for around five years, while certain cigars in Delhi taste best after 12 to 24 months in a well-calibrated humidor.

Your cigar-related experience will be improved with good quality and a well-maintained humidor. The level of attention exercised by the user as well as the condition of the cigar affect the quality of the smoke.

A cigar humidor with a walnut finish is a great option for new cigar enthusiasts and the perfect complement to their collection. The gorgeous Elie Bleu Alba Red 75 humidor, which is handmade and a work of art, can be the ideal option for those who want to have a large Cuban cigar collection.

Why is a humidor necessary?

Warm, humid environments are ideal for the growth of tobacco, and the best cigars are produced in Cuba and other Caribbean countries with humid climates. So it is best to keep cigars at a similar level of humidity to extend their life and preserve their delicate flavors. This is achieved with a humidor. Additionally, there are other benefits of using a humidor. What a humidor can do to protect your cigars is as follows:

1. Safeguards essential oils.

The essential oils and other substances in tobacco leaves give your cigar collection distinctive smells and scents. These substances are easily harmed by heat, cold, or sunlight. A humidor offers a dim environment with a constant temperature to keep cigars in optimum condition. 

2. Enhances flavor as cigars age.

Fine cigars should be aged for one year or longer in storage to bring out their full flavor. A humidor made of fragrant Spanish cedar gives cigars long-lasting protection and adds its own taste for the nuanced, mellow results that connoisseurs desire.

3. Prevents damage from insects.

Tobacco beetle larvae may endure curing and even intense disinfection, lying inactive inside the cigars until increased humidity and temperature favor their emergence. A tobacco bug infestation can ruin a whole collection of cigars, but a humidor can maintain humidity levels too low for the beetles to begin their life cycle.

4. Keeps the proper burn temperature constant.

Cigars’ leaves burn intensely and quickly if lit when they are dry. This results in an unpleasant smoke. Cigars that are overly moist burn unevenly and may even be difficult to smoke due to swollen leaves that make it challenging to draw air through them. A humidor works to maintain a proper burn temperature so that you can easily smoke your cigars. 

Using a Humidor

You’ll need a humidor if you want to preserve your cigars for more than a day or two. Here’s how you should use a humidor.

  • Choose a sturdy humidor that is the ideal size for your collection. The one covered with Spanish cedar is what we advise.
  • Your humidor’s humidity setting should be between 65 and 70%. This might need to be modified based on whether the cigars are becoming too dry or too damp in your humidor.
  • A proper amount of space should be there for your cigars in the humidor; they shouldn’t be stuffed or have a lot of space. Fill in the spaces in your humidor that are starting to seem empty with more cedar wood.
  • Maintain your humidor; it has to be periodically replaced with water, and the humidifying system should be regularly examined.

Humidor Types.

Humidors come in a broad variety of sizes and designs. There are a variety of sizes available, ranging from a small 5-cigar box or even a cylinder for travel, to what is essentially a walk-in cupboard with strictly controlled temperature and humidity that can store tens of thousands of cigars for decades. 

Chest humidors or other varieties of furniture humidors can be found in between these choices. Some humidors are made in the style of a highly sophisticated and useful coffee table. Typically, furniture humidors may hold up to 5,000 cigars.

Humidors come in three fundamental categories, excluding size: metal, acrylic or glass, and wood. Of course, the most traditional and popular type of humidor is made of wood. Spanish cedar is the clear favorite among hardwood humidors because it naturally helps to regulate humidity, doesn’t warp in humid weather, and also naturally wards off insects that can wreak havoc on a cigar collection and cause incalculable amounts of damage.

Don’t Be Afraid To Purchase More Humidors

One of the smartest things to do is to avoid purchasing larger humidors and instead purchase numerous smaller ones. This enables the storage of various cigar varieties individually, preserving their distinct aromas and preventing them from imbibing one another over time. Although there are dividers for larger humidors, complete isolation is always preferable. Additionally, this is a much more scalable approach than going all out and creating a humidor-specific room.


We believe we have been successful in highlighting the need for a humidor to store your cigars. A humidor will keep your Cuban cigars in good condition and let you smoke them anytime you want without having to order them every time. With a humidor, you can purchase as many cigars as you wish to start building a quality cigar collection. And who is better than Cingari when it comes to buy cigars online? We don’t like to boast, but if you purchase cigars from us, you will find our selection to be of the finest quality and will undoubtedly become a devoted customer. Check out our selection of cigars and give us a chance to serve you the best.

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