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Your go-to guide for buying humidors to store your premium cigars

Tom Cruise, fine cigars, and red wines are just a few things that get better over time. Mmm, but that red wine will swill if it is kept upright in a warm, bright space. And if your beloved cigar is overexposed to heat, cold, an excess of humidity, or even overly dry conditions, it will soon taste like ashes.

So, even before buying cigars, buying a humidor should be your first move if you love smoking cigars and have finally made the decision to start building a cigar collection.

There are a number of things to think about while you look for humidors, which can range in complexity from a basic wooden box to a sophisticated refrigerator. 

This buying guide for cigar humidors will take you through the fundamentals of a humidor, including some crucial tips.

What Is a Humidor?

A humidor is essentially a storage container with an interior that is humidified continuously. A humidor may appear to be a straightforward wooden box, yet a basic appearance frequently conceals several significant functions. 

A humidor requires a tight seal around the door or top to prevent humidity levels from varying with changes in the environment. Humidors also must be properly ventilated as relative humidity fluctuates as temperatures vary. 

A humidor has a humidifying system that provides moisture to the air inside, in addition to the box itself. Simple humidifiers use florist foam or sponges soaked in water. Furthermore, Humidipaks and crystal gel beads with unique designs are available for more even moisture release. Premium electronic humidifiers, on the other hand, contain sensors that check the relative humidity and provide moisture as necessary.

Tips on choosing the ideal humidor

These are the most crucial factors you should consider when selecting the ideal cigar humidor for your needs.

1. Choose the right-sized humidor.

How can you get the right-sized humidor? Frankly, it’s fairly straightforward: the general guideline is to always get a humidor that is relatively larger than the number of cigars you intend to store in it.

It will be challenging to regulate and obtain appropriate humidity in a humidor that is either too small or too large for your needs. The most crucial factor to take into account is that humidors require proper airflow to sustain the ideal environment for your priceless cigars. The humidity and the temperature within an overcrowded humidor will change significantly, ruining your pricey collection.

Every humidor available on the market has a capacity that ranges from a few to thousands of cigars, which is perfect for its form and size. We advise purchasing a humidor that can hold up to 100 cigars if you intend to store 50.

2. Choose the proper material.

The effectiveness of the humidor to maintain relative humidity and temperature is significantly influenced by the materials used in making the humidor. Worms and tobacco insects are other potential threats to your cigars. Some substances might stop them. Therefore, selecting the appropriate material for your humidor is crucial.

Cigar humidors are generally made of solid cedar wood or composite wood and have a layer of hardwood inside. A pure hardwood humidor will maintain the proper moisture level, although they are relatively pricey. 

The best wood for humidors, which provide the ideal atmosphere for cigars, is Spanish cedar. Worms are also best avoided by Spanish cedar. But their price is the highest.

3. Consider portability.

It all comes down to your lifestyle when it comes to portability. If you’re often traveling, pick a portable humidor. The limitation on how many cigars typical portable humidors can hold is a drawback. You can purchase the walk-in model, which can accumulate thousands of cigars if you spend most of your time at your home.

4. Buy a humidor with tight closure.

You will require a tight seal to keep your humidor’s inside completely sealed and humidified from the environment outside. The 70/70 rule states that cigars should be stored at 70 degrees Fahrenheit with a relative humidity of 70%. 

Without a solid seal, purchasing a Spanish cedar wood humidor is futile and will harm your cigars, making them overly stiff and dry. Investing in a humidifier for your humidor is crucial if your humidor experiences moisture issues.

Making sure you only buy a humidor from reputable and approved dealers will help you save a ton of dollars in the long run by educating you on how to recognize a cheap humidor. Spend some time reading reviews from other cigar enthusiasts to make an educated decision.

5. Choose a humidor with a hygrometer and a thermometer.

While a hygrometer detects the humidity in your humidor, a thermometer measures the temperature. Although buying humidors with these built-in features can be expensive, they are always a good investment. The accessories act as indicators to help you monitor the temperature and humidity levels.

6. The installation area is crucial.

It’s also crucial to consider where you plan to put your humidor. When installing humidors, you must consider the space available and the ideal storage area. A desk, cabinet, or coffee table humidor can be selected based on the available space in the room. If you choose an electric humidor, you must put it near the outlet.


Unquestionably, a humidor is a necessary component of cigar smoking. You always have high-quality cigars stored away in your humidor, waiting for you to smoke them. Consequently, you won’t need to purchase a cigar every time you want to smoke one.

By using the above-mentioned tips, you can pick a humidor that will store your cigars properly and prevent them from losing their flavor and scent. You can go ahead and purchase as many cigars as you like if you have a proper humidor. Consider Cingari as your partner to buy cigars online. We offer a wide selection of cigars to choose from and will deliver premium cigars in India to your doorstep. Check out our cigar collection to find your favorite cigars.

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