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Useful Tips for Smoking Your Favorite Cigars Indoors

Nothing beats enjoying a cigar in the comfort and convenience of one’s own home. You can enjoy a flavorful puff in a pleasant and comfortable environment while you recline on your favorite chair.

In contrast, if you are going outdoors to smoke a cigar, you might need to dress up. We all appreciate a starry night and a cool breeze, but occasionally we yearn for the pure comfort that smoking outdoors just can’t quite provide. When you are indoors, time moves more slowly, giving you more time to enjoy your Cuban cigars at their best. 

We want to make sure you have the ideal setting to appreciate your Cuban cigars in India, so we are sharing some tips on how you can smoke a cigar indoors.

Buy appropriate furniture

Whether you enjoy the luxury of developing your own designated smoking area or not, you must nevertheless take into account the furniture that is already there. The fact that smoke adheres to all fabrics, including leather, is not surprising. Cleaning could be a hassle if your couches are made of fabric, there are curtains, and your rugs can’t be machine-washed. 

In addition to being much simpler, materials like leather, wood, metal, and ceramics also absorb smoke the least. So you should opt to buy furniture that is made of smoke-appropriate material.

Take into account the little elements, such as the type of artwork you have in the space, if any, as well as how you intend to or can clean the furniture. You should also consider using a long, flat doorstop to block the room you are smoking in from the remainder of the house.

Have at least one window in your room

Never downplay the compatibility of windows, regardless of the ventilation setup you select! In fact, a window can sometimes be completely adequate on its own to eliminate the cigar smoke if you properly seal your room.

If money is extremely limited, all you really need is a basic oscillating fan, which you should put in the room with its blades just pointed out the window. In this way, the smoke will simply be blown outside the room rather than within the house.

Although relying solely on a window can quickly transform a pleasant cigar experience into a shaking nightmare filled with remorse, this is less than optimal during the winter. The heating can always be turned up to try to counterbalance this effect, but it will cost money and won’t stop the chilly breeze from getting in.

Therefore, it is preferable to utilize a window to supplement your system either while smoking cigars or afterward. When relying solely on extractors and purifiers, it might rapidly become musty because they don’t introduce any fresh air. As a result, even a window that is only slightly ajar can aid in air circulation.

When smoking cigars, turn on the blower or purifier and open the window as you leave the room. If the room is adequately sealed, there won’t be much of an insulation problem, and air will move swiftly through the space and clear it. 

Use fire safety measures

We are all aware that our cigars will eventually extinguish rather than continue to burn on their own. But since you’ll be in a small area, it’s always safer to be secure than sorry.

Not to mention, you may have wondered how a smoke detector could be placed in the space without disturbing everyone with its continuous alarm. Instead, buy a tiny fire extinguisher and position one right outside the room.

Keep plants in your room for smoke air purification

We’d also advise placing a few plants if your den receives enough light. This will not only make the space brighter, but some plants will also assist in the air’s natural purification. They’ll also filter out other contaminants and may aid in lessening the lingering odor.

They cannot replace your ventilation systems, but they can enhance them. They also come naturally and possess their own psychological advantages. There are several great indoor evergreen plants that may remove poisons like carbon monoxide, including:

  1. Aloe Vera Plant
  2. Philodendron Plant
  3. Pothos Plant
  4. Snake Plant
  5. Boston Fern

Install an exhaust fan to get rid of cigar smoke

Why attempt to purify the atmosphere when you can just extract it? Exhaust fans are an excellent substitute for expensive purifiers and can possibly provide you with a higher long-term return.

Installing an exhaust fan like the one you already have in your kitchen can occasionally be less expensive than the powerful purifiers we described above. But a lot of this relies on the idea you have in mind.

Exhaust fans function best in smaller spaces like offices, workshops, and garages. To prevent smoke from drifting back inside, fans should preferably be set far away from windows.

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With these useful tips, we hope you now have a better understanding of how to begin smoking cigars indoors. You can read our blog or browse our extensive selection of cigars for more information and guidance on smoking. Cingari offers a wide variety of cigars from all the popular brands in the world right at your doorstep. Check out our catalog of premium cigars and cigar accessories and get them delivered to your house today. 

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