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Best Habanos for Beginners

Entering the world of Cigars can be a little overwhelming and daunting so Cingari took to itself to curate a special list for beginners that would be perfectly suited for beginners. We hope you enjoy this experience of smoking your first Habanos.

Since cigars are made solely from aged and fermented tobacco leaves, they tend to be significantly stronger than other tobacco products. Therefore, it is imperative to start off with a light yet flavourful Habanos. A few of our recommendations are:
H Upmann Magnum 46: A wonderful sized cigar with a sweet, creamy smoke which is light in strength but full of flavour. The main notes detected throughout are chocolate and coffee. Some notes of White pepper adds some spiciness to brings the experience full circle.

Montecristo No. 4: This is a Cuban classic. This is a short thin smoke that gives you 30 -40 mins of smoking pleasure.  The Montecristo no. 4 boasts a wonderful balanced yet rich profile with notes of coffee, chocolate mixed with cream and light notes of cedar. It is this simple enjoyable and smooth profile that makes it so popular with new smokers and aficionados alike. Besides, it has an added advantage of being an easy cigar to pair drinks with.

Cohiba Siglo II: The flagship brand of Habanos and also one of the most sought after brand in the world. Everyone wants to smoke a Cohiba, but one if the best Cohibas to start off with is this petit Corona sized cigar, Cohiba Siglo II. With very consistent flavours of hay and cedar wood, this light yet creamy cigar is a wonderful way to inaugurate yourself into the world of Habanos.

Hoyo de Monterrey Petit Robustos: It is a light cigar that has wonderful flavours of cocoa and chocolate notes and some pepper. The Spice isn’t too overwhelming but is a perfect gateway to bring out the subtle notes of nutmeg and almonds. The small but thick cigars is ideal for beginners and connoisseurs alike.

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