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In talks with Ameeta Seth


By Juhi Handa, Millionaire Asia

As soon as we walk into the piano bar and cigar lounge at the Oberoi, Gurgaon on a balmy afternoon, a Victorian Era feel effortlessly takes over. From the choicest Habanos stashed in the Humidor to the plush leather sofas, it doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that this place is home to some of the most famous cigar enthusiasts every evening.

Considered by aficionados as a finest way to enjoy tobacco, cigars have been a staple among well heeled and public figures throughout history. From celebrating a noteworthy occasion to simply enjoying a good time with best mates, Cigars promise a momentous time whenever lit.

Bigger and better than a cigarette, a cigar is a tobacco leaf wrapped around a tobacco leaf filling that takes longer to smoke. Premium cigars are made from carefully selected leaves and crafted by expert hands. “Enthusiast truly appreciate the pleasure that a cigar brings and know that to get the best, the must head to the source-Havana. Just like French wines, Swiss watches and German cars, Habanos Cigars hold their place as one of the finest indulges in life. “Says Ameeta Seth, director of Cingari, the brand is credited with bringing Habanos to India.

Recalling her exhilarating Cuban adventures, the lovely Cigar Baroness regards Cuba as a “tobacco paradise.“ Owing to its excellent climatic conditions, no place in the world through the back of better than Cuba; But when it comes to growing Tobacco for Habanos, only a few selected plantations adding good enough, even in Cuba. A Habanos has never been mistaken for a common man’s article. It has and always will remain a luxury items. It goes into the market with no intention of competing, not that it needs to. The Cigar is crafted keeping in mind the minority who can afford such luxury,” she adds.

Just like the rest of the world, Habanos Cigars have captivated the senses of connoisseurs in India as well. Cingari has spoiled the enthusiasts for choice by making a wide assortment of Cuban cigars available at their doorstep. When asked about the preferences, Ameeta shares “the Indian palate because of the penchant for spices and chilies, prefers a stronger roasted and mature taste of Habanos cigars over those manufactured in other countries.”

Even though several attempts have been made to replicate the exquisiteness of Habanos, especially in countries like South America, were natives of Cuba who left the country even brought with them the Cuban tobacco seeds, but nothing could match up to the magical blend of the Cuban son, soil and skills that make Habanos incomparable and a sheer delight.

There are several myths about Cigars that have been passed down through ages. Even though they have an allure we can’t deny, Ameeta clears our way through the smoke to the unavoidable truth.

1. A darker wrapper means a strong cigar.
This is untrue. A Maduro Cigar that has a very dark appearance may provide a very mild smoke while a cigar wrapper that uses Claro leaves can deliver a strong smoking experience.

2. Cuban cigars were rolled on the thighs of a virgin woman. Great marketing strategy, but have you ever try to roll anything on your thigh? Not happening.

3. Wet your cigar wrapper for better storage and burn.We have heard of people who routinely wet the wrapper of the Cigar because they were told that it would help them burn more evenly. Unfortunately, this is untrue. Wetting will make the wrapper wrinkle up, lifting it away from the binder causing more tears and an even burn. Also, it creates terrible odour off some cigars.

4. Your fridge can function as a humidor.
A refrigerator is way too dry for storing Cigar for any length of time. A cigar is highly hydroscopic and will absorb any smell around it. So, unless you want to taste your leftover meals in your cigar, we would recommend against using your refrigerator as a humidor.

5. Price trumps everything else.
Yes, Cigar is expensive and accounted as a luxury product, but price is not always a part of the equation. It is the sophistication of your palate and experience level that are critical while selecting a Cigar. You may very well spend a bomb on a cigar but end up not liking it.

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