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What Characterises a Premium Cigar Brand?

Every person who smokes his or her first premium Cuban cigar will always remember the taste and sensation of that cigar. Most of us might have survived on inexpensive cigars and have spent on premium cigars for special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries or simply because sometimes we feel like it.

Smoking a premium cigar is always more thrilling and different compared to other local inexpensive cigars. Premium cigars have a divine flavor, and one could tell it must have been manufactured with premium tobacco. But what distinguishes a premium cigar brand is a question that many people ask.

The most obvious answer, if you ask someone who doesn’t smoke them frequently, is the cost, but you actually receive what you pay for. We’ll explain why puffing a premium Cuban cigar is a unique experience and why it’s well worth the money. So, keep reading.

There is nothing that can match a hand-rolled premium cigar brand.

Have you ever questioned why a blanket made by hand costs more than one made in bulk on a production line? Quality is the answer. Even though there is nothing problematic about something that is mass-produced. But how can quality be guaranteed when thousands of items are manufactured every day?

Similarly, machines are used to mass-produce many excellent cigars, which lowers their price. Whether the tobacco is top-notch or not is irrelevant because there will inevitably be quality problems when producing that many cigars in a single go.

One might come out flawlessly, followed by one that lacks balance. The following one might lack flavor or is very bitter. This is due to the fact that quality cannot be maintained during large production. 

Whereas, cigars that are made by hand are unique. Every single one is individually hand-rolled, and they all exhibit the high caliber that comes from years of practice. The highest possible standards of quality are something that makes the roller proud of their cigar. They are just as much an artist as a painter, a sculptor, or a tailor.

Tobacco is the main factor in cigar smoking.

Is it important what type of animal a steak came from when you order one? You’ll be let down if you’re expecting Kobe beef and get the cow down the street instead. The same holds true for tobacco and cigars.

Tobacco filler, which is made of ground-up tobacco leaves and contains anything from stalks to shreds (that are often excluded), is used in lower-quality cigars. Cigars of poor quality are equivalent to hot dogs in the industry. They have a passable flavor.

On the other hand, authentic tobacco leaves that extend through one edge of the Cuban cigar to the opposite, are used in premium cigars. This provides you with a pleasant, consistent taste throughout. From the first lengthy draw to the last, you experience the same fantastic flavor. They are produced in small quantities or by special farms that have a finite number of crops. You can expect a greater flavor and a higher-quality stick when you see the pricier tag on it.

A Fine Cigar Is Similar to Fine Wine

The flavor of a cigar is greatly influenced by age. Cigars manufactured from a fresh crop lack the complex flavor which comes with aging. A Cuban cigar becomes better with age just like wine does. Making sure it is kept in the proper conditions for storage is also crucial. A Cuban cigar won’t taste good if it spends a year in your home’s drawer. A Cuban cigar must mature at the optimum temperature and humidity kept safely inside a humidor. 

After being created, a quality Cuban cigar is preserved until it is at the ideal age. But low-quality, mass-produced cigars lack aging. Crops are harvested, processed, and then directly cut into the filler. 

A cigar that hasn’t been matured lacks the robust flavor associated with higher-quality cigars. If you want good wine, you opt for an older variety rather than one that is still on the vine. Similarly, if you want to get the best experience from a cigar, it must be matured well.

Cost-cutting results in inferior cigars

Examine a high-end cigar closely and compare it with a less expensive one. Do you notice the difference? The expense of wrapping and preparing a cigar for the first light is among the highest in the production process.

Cigars created in large quantities may not entirely be made of tobacco leaves. They have a drab appearance, and their wrappings don’t seal tightly, producing less smoke.

Whereas, premium and hand-rolled cigars are firmly wrapped to ensure equal thickness. This prevents loosening and burns consistently throughout, producing excellent smoke. Additionally, they are oiled to give them a shiny, smooth appearance. A premium cigar’s packaging is entirely natural, so you can be sure of its quality.

There is no denying the quality of a premium Cuban cigar when you inhale its rich smoke. You can make do with the cheaper ones, but once in a while treat yourself to a nice cigar. Many of the qualities that premium cigars are renowned for are lost when costs are slashed in order to produce a cheaper cigar.


Take note of the advice above if you’re a cigar enthusiast looking to expand your collection or appreciate the finer points of a premium cigar brand. Nothing compares to the enjoyment of smoking a fine cigar. Once you’ve had one, it will be difficult for you to go back to the cheaper, mass-produced options. Pro tip: You can enhance the experience by combining a premium Cuban cigar with fine whiskey or another beverage.

Please feel free to get in touch with us right away if you have any questions regarding our line of premium cigars or how to recognize the difference between hand-rolled and machine-made cigars.

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