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Bolivar Belicosos Finos

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79,467.00 (Inclusive of GST)

Length: 5.51
Ring Gauge: 52
Strength: Full

A sought after cigar amongst experienced smokers, the Bolivar Belicosos Finos is a full bodied cigar with intense tobacco and wood flavours and slight earthy and spicy notes. Its characteristic tapered head concentrates the smoke before it reaches the palate, resulting in a consistently full-bodied smoke. The cigar has a pleasant aroma of dried fruits and vanilla.







1 review for Bolivar Belicosos Finos

  1. Anish Trivedi

    Anish Trivedi

    Length: 5 ½ inches
    Ring Gauge: 50
    Shape: Torpedo
    Origin: Cuban

    Wrapper Colour: Colorado Maduro
    Rolling: Very good
    Cut employed: guillotine, shallow cut

    Aroma (Unlit): Honey, dried leaves
    Cold Draw Aroma (After lighting): Topnote – Honey; Secondary notes – Floral
    Cold Draw Flavour: Balsa wood, Almonds
    At 1/3: Wood shavings, light floral
    At 2/3: Vanilla notes, herbal vegetal
    At 3/3: Dried earth, bark, caramel

    Burn: Consistent throughout
    Ash: Firm and light gray.
    Strength: Medium to full bodied

    At first draw, you find yourself walking through a park in the fall, kicking the neatly piled stacks of leaves on your way. Just under is a hint of floral sweetness that says sunflowers and the honey that bees produce from their pollen. When barely lit, there’s a nuttiness, like blanched almonds with the skin still on. Fresh wood shavings are overlayed by a light floral finish that continues to mature as the cigar burns past the first third. After that you’re forgiven for thinking you’ve been transported to your Nona’s home in Italy. There’s vanilla bean and sweet basil which makes you think you’ve walked into a kitchen where the pasta and the panna cotta are being cooked at the same time. As you settle into the final third of the cigar, you’re surrounded again by the dark earth of a freshly watered flower bed, the bark peeling off a nearby tree. And then, if that’s not surprise enough, there’s caramel on the finish.

    Although it’s not a very large cigar, this burnt consistently for an hour and 20 minutes, giving me time to savour each shift in flavour for a period of time. Pair this with a botanical gin to complement the complexity of flavours in each, from earth and wood to floral and spice.

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